John Hebeler
President / Sales Engineer / Internal Board Member

John Hebeler is an Electrical Engineer and has been with ELUS Company since 1990.  He earned his engineering degree from the University of Dayton and went on to achieve his MBA from The Ohio State University.  In addition to his role as President, John manages the distributor policy for all ELUS products in our 6+ state territories.  John is also a member of ELUS’ AEP Sales Team with responsibility for several distribution products.  Over the years, John has successfully identified a number of alliance agreements that have driven sales in the ELUS territory.


Eric DiSalle
Vice President / General Manager / CFO / Internal Board Member

Eric DiSalle has been with ELUS Company since 2007 and serves the company’s General Manager.  Eric earned his BS degree in Finance from Miami University.  Eric gives our principals one point of contact for all needs and questions that might pertain to sales and future growth.  Everything from territory visits and sales reporting to issues with orders or sales success can all be handled through our General Manager.  


John Commons
External Board Member

John Commons is an Electrical Engineer from the University of Louisville Speed School. John has been in electrical utility sales since 1972.  John owned and operated ELUS Company from 1983 until 2013.  Under his tutelage he grew the company from a three person operation covering Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky to a twenty person operation covering 6 ½ states.  He sold the company to the employees in July of 2013, making it an ESOP owned business.  He continues to support the ELUS Company in an advisory capacity.


Jared Bassett
Sales Engineer

Jared Bassett, an Industrial Engineer from Kent State University, has been with ELUS Company since 2008.  He is currently responsible for West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania and Ohio municipalities and cooperative sales and the distributors that serve them.  In addition, he covers Duquesne Light.    He has consistently grown our contacts, approvals, and market share with these customers.  Prior to joining ELUS, Jared had 10 years of experience in the electrical utility industry working for Union Metal with his last 4 years serving as their Utility National Sales Manager.


Dave Bouchard
Sales Engineer

Dave Bouchard is an Electrical Engineer, earning his degree from Penn State University.  Dave has been with ELUS Company since 2007, after being with Westinghouse/Eaton Corp for over 20 years.  Dave has been an excellent addition to our team and has given our company a strong resource for all generation sales initiatives. In addition to calling on AEP and FirstEnergy Generation, Dave oversees all generation sales efforts.


Dane Beauchamp
Sales Associate

Dane Beauchamp earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Economics from Grand Valley State University.  He joined ELUS Company in 2017, coming to us from Stuart Irby, an electric utility distributor.  Dane is based in Grand Rapids and works very closely with Consumers Energy, as well as the municipals and co-ops in the western part of our Michigan territory and the distributors and consultants that serve them.


Bill Davis
Sales Associate

Bill Davis earned his Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Kent State University. Bill joined ELUS Company in 2013.  Prior to ELUS, Bill worked for a local utility and a service company that provided support and solutions to many utilities throughout the country. He also has transformer and substation maintenance sales experience from his employment with SD Myers.  Bill is on ELUS’ AEP team with responsibility for most of our distribution products, along with several substation solutions. He is also on the ELUS FirstEnergy team. Bill also has responsibility for a few municipals, distributors and packagers in north Ohio.


Jason Klingman
Sales Engineer

Jason Klingman, a Mechanical Engineer from Clemson University, has been a part of the ELUS sales team since 2012.  Prior to joining ELUS, Jason worked as a project coordinator and distribution engineer at Duke Energy in Cincinnati.  He was involved in the design of distribution and network projects at Duke. Jason covers LGE/KU as well as the municipals and cooperatives in eastern Kentucky and the consultants and distributors that service that market.  Jason also covers several power plants along the Ohio River.


Greg Laneve
Senior Sales Engineer

Greg Laneve is an Electrical Engineer from the University of Dayton and has been with ELUS Company since 1996.  Greg leads our team effort at AEP.  Greg’s sales efforts concentrate on network and substation products along with emerging technology opportunities.  This is a very important role as AEP is historically ELUS’s largest customer.  We get many compliments from AEP regarding Greg’s service and attention to detail.


Tim Pompo
Sales Associate

Tim Pompo earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Central Michigan University and joined ELUS Company in 2013.  Tim covers DTE, ITC and the eastern and upper peninsula Michigan municipals and cooperatives and the distributors and consultants that serve them. Prior to ELUS, Tim spent 22 years in sales with Alcan Cable and General Cable.  With his experience in the utility industry and knowledge of the distribution market, Tim is a valuable resource within the ELUS team.


Brad Reigelsperger
Senior Sales Engineer

Brad Reigelsperger, earned his degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Dayton. He has been with ELUS Company since 1998.  Brad works closely with his customers at Duke Energy and Dayton Power & Light.  As a former employee of Dayton Power & Light, Brad’s experience puts his principals in a position to be competitive for business opportunities.


Jamie Shields
Sales Engineer

Jamie Shields is an Electrical Engineer from Purdue University.  Jamie has been with ELUS Company since 2010.  He is responsible for Indianapolis Power & Light and NIPSCO.  Jamie also covers the central and northern Indiana municipals and cooperatives and the distributors and consultants that serve them.  Prior to ELUS, Jamie worked for several Indiana cooperatives being ultimately promoted to Manager of Engineering and Operations.  Jamie’s knowledge and relationships have made him a perfect fit for the market he covers.


Rick Simpson
Sales Associate

Rick Simpson has a Bachelor of Administration degree in Business from Kentucky Wesleyan.  Rick joined ELUS in 2018 and is the lead for our Tennessee market.  Rick is on the ELUS AEP Team with direct responsibility for our pole, insulator and spacer cable products.  Rick is also responsible for servicing the AEP West Operating Companies in Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas.  Rick, a veteran sales manager, comes to us from Marmon Utility,LLC where he was Vice President of Sales.  Prior to this position, Rick was the Director and then VP of Sales for Hendrix Aerial Cable Systems (a division of Marmon Utility). Rick also worked for McWane, Inc. for 20 years, with the last 6 years as the National Sales Manager of McWane Poles.


George Slyman
Sales Associate

George Slyman earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing from the University of South Florida.  He joined ELUS Company in 2008 and is our lead salesman at FirstEnergy.  George came to ELUS from Siemens and Joslyn Hi-Voltage.  Prior to that, George spent 13 years as an employee of FirstEnergy.  George continues to gain approvals, increase exposure and build relationships at FirstEnergy.  FirstEnergy is ELUS’ second largest customer.


Jon Wernert
Sales Engineer

Jon Wernert is an Electrical Engineer from the University of Louisville Speed School.  Jon joined ELUS Company in 2015.  Jon spent the first part of his career on the industrial side doing electrical design, project management and programming/commissioning.  He then spent 9 years on the utility side working for the electric cooperative in his hometown.  Jon covers the municipals and cooperatives in southern Indiana, western Kentucky and southern Illinois which includes Vectren, Hoosier Energy, Big Rivers and a number of Power Plants along the Ohio River.


Carmen Carstens
Inside Sales Professional

Carmen Carstens is a graduate from The Ohio State University.  Carmen joined ELUS Company in 2008.  Carmen provides support to our Indiana team, working closely with Jamie Shields.  Carmen was in management at Toyota Motors prior to joining ELUS.  Carmen is organized, responsive and professional.  She is a strong member of the ELUS Inside Team.


Amber Cooper
Inside Sales Manager/Inside Sales Lead

Amber Cooper has been a part of the ELUS inside sales team since 2013. Her prior experience includes sales support and marketing for an automotive manufacturing company, as well as a realtor for 11 years in the Cincinnati/Dayton marketplace.  Amber brings her experience in providing superior customer service to the ELUS team. She works closely with Greg Laneve, John Hebeler, Bill Davis, Rick Simpson and Dave Bouchard on the ELUS AEP Team.


Abbi Schilderink
Inside Sales Professional

Abbi Schilderink is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati. Abbi joined ELUS Company in 2019.  Abbi has previous experience in Account Management with a recruiting firm in Cincinnati.  Prior to that, she worked as an Account Executive for a global provider of multimedia platforms and distribution.  She focused on account management and growth of new business across the U.S.  With her sales experience, focus on customer service and attention to detail, Abbi is a great addition to the ELUS team.  She works closely with Jamie Shields for NIPSCO and Tim Pompo and Dane Beauchamp for the Michigan market.


Hannah Young
Inside Sales Professional

Hannah Young is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati.  Hannah joined ELUS Company in 2019. Hannah has previous experience as an Inside Sales Representative for a big box retailer’s maintenance needs.  She focused on account management and growth of new business across the U.S.  Hannah works closely with Brad Reigelsperger for Duke Energy and Dayton Power & Light.  Hannah is also on the ELUS AEP Team supporting Bill Davis and Rick Simpson.


Diane Hickey
Inside Sales Professional

Diane joined ELUS Company in 2022.  She is a graduate of David Lipscomb University with a double major in Business Management and Organizational Business Communication. Diane provides support to our Tennessee territory working with Rick Simpson.  She also supports Jason Klingman and Jon Wernert in our Kentucky territory.  Diane is a veteran inside sales professional bringing her strong customer support skills from an industry manufacture and another utility rep agency.  With her long-time commitment to utility customers in both Tennessee and Kentucky, she is a great addition to ELUS Company.


Amy McBreen
Operations Manager/Inside Sales Lead

Amy McBreen has been a part of the ELUS inside sales team since 2013.  She previously provided sales support and marketing for the top sales agent within a local Real Estate company.  She provides service for our FirstEnergy team of George Slyman and Bill Davis.  Amy’s experience in customer service and customer satisfaction comes as a valuable tool to our team of inside sales professionals.


Mary Slauter
Inside Sales Professional

Mary Slauter is a graduate from the University of Dayton. Mary joined ELUS Company in 2014.  She previously worked in admissions for a local art school and worked as an Inside and Outside Sales Representative for a wholesale apparel distributor in both Cincinnati and Dallas markets.  She works closely with Jared Bassett.  Mary’s sales experience and excellent customer service skills make her a valuable asset to the ELUS team.


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